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Hot Glass with Hat 200 ml (8 oz)
Hot Glass with Hat 200 ml (8 oz)

Hot Glass with Hat 200 ml (8 oz)

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Cool Touch: The Hot Glass & Hat is the solution for everyone who wants to keep fingers cool while keeping the drink much longer hot – The double wall insulates hot and cold beverages alike with yet a second effect. No more damaged surfaces through wet vapor-film rings or heat marks as the double wall keeps them away. No coaster is necessary anymore!

Hot Design: Equally equipped with our stylish tea hat it allows you to enjoy your tea individually. The tea hat serves as a drip-off tray for your teabag!


  • double-walled, borosilicate (heat resistant) glass
  • dishwasher safe
  • tea hat prevents heat-loss
  • 200ml / 8oz
  • clear with black hat
  • hat serves as drip-off tray for tea bags
  • BPA-free material
  • easy to clean
  • dishwasher safe


  • 1 Hot Glass / gift box
  • 12 boxes / master carton
  • 600 boxes / pallet

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